General Plumbing

Ever find the need to check your plumbing system due to signs of blocked drains or burst pipes but just don’t know how to fix it? A failing plumbing system can be due to poor maintenance or it just simply gets old over time. That is why a couple of checks here and there is needed to be done to ensure that it operates as intended.


Why Plumbing Express?

Whether you have a leaking tap, a hot water heater that is not properly installed or any plumbing need, just leave these matters to the experts. At Plumbing Express, you can be sure that your plumbing system is taken care of by honest and professional plumbers at the most affordable cost. Our 15 years of collective experience in the plumbing industry makes us the best in what we do. Whether how small or big the job is, we are always ready to bring the best plumbing service to your door!

Do not waste time and money on plumbers that only promises good results but never do the job right. We only have highly-trained local plumbers to get to your location fast to perform installation, repair and maintenance on your plumbing systems. Our Utes are fully equipped with high end instruments that are used to inspect pipes and sewers and tools to finish the job. We arrive on time and even beat our 60 minutes arrival time to your area.

All prices are discussed upfront so you can plan your budget wisely. We have 24 hour round the clock operation, 7 days a week and all year round! So, whether you need home or office plumbing assistance, Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 is the number to call. With Plumbing Express, all plumbing solutions are delivered with a smile.


Gas Fitting

Ovens not working or room heaters faulty? Worse, they occur when you need them most. How about leaking gas, do know how to deal with this problem when you have no idea how and where to start checking? These are major gas fitting problems.

Improper fitting of appliances are the major source of gas leaks which can cause fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions.

Do you need help to fix, fit or repair your gas appliances? Look for the licensed gas fitters. Gas fitting should be done by a licensed gasfitter that only matches his expertise. It can get pretty ugly if you stumbled upon illegal gas fitters that are not licensed to perform any gas fitting work.

Your Safety is Our Priority!

At Plumbing Express, you can rely on our gas fitters to do all your home and commercial gas fitting works. We only have highly-skilled and certified local gas fitters that are available for you 24/7 and all year round. We have a number of Utes across Sydney that are packed with gas fitting tools and equipment and can get to your location fast. We can even get to you in 60 minutes!

We understand your needs and we only want to give the best service you deserve. Our honest, professional and affordable gas fitting service is an ace that will bring you exceptional customer satisfaction. We always care for our customers like we care for our family.

So, if you need to install a new appliance or want to move it somewhere more convenient for you to use, just call Plumbing Express to do the job for you. Even on emergency situations, you can count on our gas fitters as our services do not sleep.

Prices are discussed upfront so you can plan your budget wisely. Whether you need home or office gas fitting assistance, Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 is the one to call. No dramas, no worries at Plumbing Express!


Emergency Plumbing

Are you busy working in the kitchen when your leaking tap started to play up and suddenly bursts, making a pool of water over the sink and your kitchen floor? Or noticed water dripping from your living room ceiling and don’t know where it’s coming from? Sewer waste water backing up out of your bathroom floor waste? These scenarios imposes a huge threat and risk to you and your assets. So, your first impulse should be getting your phones to call for help!

We Come To Your Rescue!

Here at Plumbing Express, all our customers who faced the same dilemma are comforted knowing that they have us to come to their rescue. Being a family-owned business, we have been sensitive to our customers’ needs and we wanted to be right with them when problem shows up. Since we have local and licensed plumbers, we arrive to your property in fully equipped ute before any big problem occurs.

Need a reliable plumbing service provider? You will be stoked at how we deal with plumbing emergency situations. Below is a guide to help you know what to do in case of any plumbing emergency:

1. Call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 and inform us what happened so we can carefully evaluate what could be the cause and bring necessary tools and equipment.

2. We will guide you on what to do while waiting for us to arrive.

3. We will reach you within 60 minutes or less.

4. Our licensed local plumbers will fix the plumbing issue and will explain to you what happened and what caused it. This can help you understand how your plumbing system works within your home or commercial building.

5. We will do a complete check of your plumbing system to ensure that there are no potential plumbing emergencies in the future.

6. If there are potential problems, we will explain to you and let you know what needs to be done. All prices are discussed upfront.

Don’t want to endure another plumbing problem? We are always after prevention so after we fix the problem, we do thorough checking of your entire plumbing system to make sure that the problem will not happen again.

Tired of getting services that does not guarantee a lasting solutions?

We are always available for you 24/7, all year round. We also offer free callout & quote if you call us now to tee-up an appointment. For good old fashioned service call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255


Blocked Drains

Is your kitchen, toilet or shower drain slowly draining or does not even flush waste water? This is a total plumbing catastrophe in the making which can give you double trouble if left unattended!

Blocked drains are one of the signs that your plumbing system is getting overloaded as pile of dirt or waste may have built or roots blocking up the inside of the pipe. Be sure to watch out for the signs of a blocked drainage system with these major takeaways:

✓Slowly or totally non-flushing drains on kitchen sink and toilets.

✓Gurgling drains.

✓Foul smell coming from drains or septic tank outside the building.

✓Stagnant to overflowing sewage from a nearby manhole or gullies.

We Unblock Drains Instantly!

Have you ever hired a plumber that left you surprised with a very high price but has not totally cleared your drains? This time, the smartest choice you can do to make things right is call Plumbing Express. Our honest, professional and affordable blocked drains service will get your drainage systems fully functional for your overall convenience at a very low price!

Ways of unblocking your drains can get pretty messy, right? Plumbing Express we use drain cameras and high pressure water jets to clean out the blockage. Our professional power plungers and drain equipment can definitely get your drains working in no time!

If you are looking for blocked drain specialists, we have local and experienced blocked drain experts. We can unblock drains from your kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Our plumbers’ Utes are all equipped with drain equipment tools and can get to your home and office to clear out your drains instantly.

Do you find our service offerings fair enough? You can call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 for a free call out & quote for your best blocked drains solution. We are available at your service 24/7 and whole year round!


Burst Pipes

Ever heard a hissing sound and felt like it coming from your walls or sub floor? Or noticed a damp patch of water on your wall before? Yes, these can mean that you have encountered a leaking or burst pipe and this called a plumbing emergency!

A burst pipe is one of the major plumbing problems in almost all residential and commercial plumbing. In fact, it is very common in public structures as well. Once happened, burst pipes can leave your assets and belongings unusable or completely damaged .Water can run through any place it finds inside your home or office. If a small pipe bursts and goes unnoticed, the damage it could cause it catastrophic.

We Stop Burst Pipes Effectively!

If you have a burst pipe, Plumbing Express has licensed local plumbers that have hands-on experience in dealing with this plumbing problem. We replace all burst pipes with high quality pipes that can endure high pressure. We will also check the overall condition of your plumbing system from valves, meters and pipes to prevent it from happening again.

So, if you hear anything like a hissing sound, notice a damp area anywhere in your house, or decrease in water pressure, call Plumbing Express right away and we will be right with you within 60 minutes. We arrive with fully equipped Ute loaded with advanced tools to fix a burst pipe effectively!

Need assistance during the late hours of night? No worries, Plumbing Express burst pipe service never sleeps. You can count on us 24/7, whole year round.

Call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 now and we will give you a free call out & quote regarding how you can identify possible causes of burst pipes and what to do when they happens.


Hot Water Heaters

Need a warm bath or shower on a cold winter morning? It would be a total disaster if your hot water heater is not working. Or if you have a incorrectly installed hot water heater?

You should already know by now that hot water can give you a variety of benefits whether you are at home or office. You can use it for showers or warm water for your kitchen chores. A properly installed hot water heaters can give you the convenience you need all year round. However, a poorly installed one just doubles your expenses by getting another one and paying for another installation charge.

We Will Keep You Warm!

Have you hired a plumber that not only charges you heaps but never did the job right? You feel like you want to bail out before you get too cranky? If yes, why don’t you give Plumbing Express a call and we will change your bad experience into an exceptional service you never had before!

Plumbing Express is all about honest, professional and affordable plumbing service to take care of your hot water heaters. You can be sure that you will get top quality

installation, repair and maintenance of your hot water system. All prices are discussed upfront so you can plan your budget ahead. Our affordable service rates can get you a long way and even help you save more.

We also specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of different types of water heaters such as tank less, solar, conventional storage and heat pump water heaters. Our skilled and certified local plumbers are always available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year round!

Don’t go for a plumber that is only good at talking? Call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 now and a free call out & quote awaits you


Tap Installs and Repairs

Are your taps leaking or loose that it wobbles when you turn it on or off? Or are you planning to replace your taps with a more functional and sturdy but just don’t know what tap to buy and how to install it? Then you need a reliable plumbing service provider that can help you get what you need done fast and with guaranteed results.

If you live somewhere in Sydney and need a plumber to get to your place sooner than you expected, then you need a plumber that has operates within your suburb. At Plumbing Express, we make sure that we got our family business running all across Sydney.

Need you Taps Serviced!

Tap Installation Works

Do you need assistance in selecting what tap best fits your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area? You can depend on our expertise to help you with your choice. We will help you know what tap dimensions you need to avoid spending money on wrong taps.

Tap Repair Works

Leaking or worn out taps? Plumbing Express delivers fast tap repair works so you can continue to enjoy the convenience of properly working taps. We perform tap repairs for basins, bath and all other taps within the building. For replacement repairs, you can also count on our affordable and high quality replacement taps so you won’t have to go out of your way to get one.

Need a plumbing assistances now or at a later date? Call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 to tee-up an appointment or we can give you a free call & quote. We are available 24/7 and all year round!


Water Leaks

Are you noticing your water bill spike but your usage has not changed much? Or noticed a sudden decrease in water pressure? This is a good sign that your plumbing system has water leaks. Most of the time, water leaks happen in taps and toilets. However, water leaks can also occur in the most discreet areas of your plumbing system and you would only feel the effects when your next water bill arrives. When this happens, you need to call your friendly Plumbing Express plumbers to help you fix the problem.

No Leaks, No Worries!

Have you experienced water leaks in the past? If not yet, you should be aware how this affects your expenses and can bring damage to your property. When you have Plumbing Express we can handle this kind of plumbing problem, you can be assured that you will get the best water leak detection and repair than any other plumbing service providers can. All out Utes are equipped with tools and equipment of the latest innovations to help detect water leaks fast and accurate.

With Plumbing Express, our licensed and expert local plumbers will work for you. We are deeply committed to prevent water wastage as a part of our campaign to preserve natural resources. Our services never sleep so we can be ready in any case of water leak emergency. We operate 24/7 and whole year round!

Stop going for an expensive plumbing service and start looking for the one that is affordable. Our water leaks services come in very affordable rates with no hidden charges. We discuss all prices upfront so you can plan your plumbing expenses ahead.

Want to ease your worries on water leaks? Call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255 now and we will be with you within 60 minutes!


Commercial Plumbing

Do you want to impress your clients and customers by giving them the best experience when they visit your commercial space? There’ll be no chance you can bring them a great experience if your plumbing system is always acting up.

The best way to deal with plumbing installations, maintenance, repairs and all emergency plumbing is to have the right plumbing service provider to be always available when you need them. You might want to knock back a plumbing company that cannot guarantee your satisfaction.

We Bring Success To Your Doors!

A successful business relies heavily on its plumbing system. At Plumbing Express, we bring success to your business by ensuring your plumbing system is in the right condition to safeguard your employees, customers and assets.

Do you need help with tap installs, repairs or replacement? We will do the work for you and replace all broken one so it is guaranteed to last longer!

Blocked drains, burst pipes or failing hot water heaters? This is definitely a show stopper and can impair your operations. Do not let your plumbing worries add up to your business stresses. We will take care of it for you.

With Plumbing Express, you can be sure that your commercial building is safe, clean and working properly. We have expert and certified local plumbers that have hands-on experience with all sorts of plumbing work including gas fitting. We cater our services to healthcare, hospitality, retail and residential. Our number of ute are loaded with high pressure water jets for cleaning drains and sensor equipment to detect, water leaks and burst pipes.

Plumbing Express always offer very affordable rates with ace results. All prices are discussed upfront for your convenience. We are available 24/7 and whole year round including holidays. We will even be with you in 60 minutes!

Want a cost-effective plumbing service for your commercial space? Call Plumbing Express 0466 255 255. We can give you free call and quote to discuss the right commercial plumbing solution you need.